A complete solution to manage your sport club or organization!

Are you?

  • Struggling to keep your club's announcements up-to-date?

  • Frustrated by outdated member lists and your inability to notify them in real-time?

  • Looking for a way to communicate with your members, their parents, your coaches and volunteers? 

Try Beevi to see why it is the right fit for your growing sport club or organization.


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Beevi is for team communication – it’s made for clubs who are in frequent, daily communication with its members.

Communicate with your members

Do you often need to send last-minute alerts to your members due to uncertain weather, sick coaches or unavailable venues?

Send targeted communications to your members using email or in-app notifications. Members can specify their preferred way of being contacted and the type of notifications they wish to receive.

Manage your club's membership

Do your members need an easy way to join your club? Do you need to manage all your groups, members, parents, sponsors, etc.?

Create your own membership forms and allow your members to join your club online. You can even manage families and save profiles for faster registrations from season to season.


Engage the conversation

Do your members have questions concerning your announcements? Do you often need to answer last minute questions?

With Beevi, your members will be able to publicly comment on your announcements. Members can comment on an announcement using the web interface, the smartphone app, or just by replying to the announcement email.

Try the best tool to manage your sport club or organization.  

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*Beevi is currently in beta testing. Nothing will be charged to your club until we are out of beta testing. These are only forcasted prices. 


Up to 40 members
Free iPhone & Android app
No groups

49 $ / years




Up to 200 members
Free iPhone & Android app
Unlimited groups
Wordpress plugin

150 $ / year




Up to 10 teams
Free iPhone & Android app
Unlimited groups
Wordpress plugin
40 members per teams

250 $ / year*

(15 $ / year per add. team)


We also offer Web, DNS & Email hosting and Wordpress installation and support starting at 150 $ / year.  Please contact us for more information.

A note from Sebastien, Co-Founder and CEO of Beevi

Hi there,

A lot of people ask me why we decided to build Beevi .

As the "technical parent" of my kids triathlon club, I manage the club's website and communications using WordPress, more than 10 custom plugins, XML forms and Paypal invoices.

The result is less than perfect and I always wondered how clubs without a technical resource fared and what would happen the day my children outgrew the club and someone had to take my place.

So, I looked for a better solution.  Unfortunately, what I found on the market did not meet our needs, was too outdated or complicated.

That's why we started Beevi.

Beevi is a simple tool to help sports clubs manage and communicate with their members. We built it with a minimal feature set that anyone can use, and we left out everything else.

Give it a shot, and email me at sebastien@beevi.co to let me know what you think.


-- Sébastien Giroux 
Co-Founder of Beevi